Earlier this year Tonight Alive announced the 10 year anniversary tour, a perfect set of fan service with a combination of fully acoustic shows and fully plugged together across the UK.

In the 10 years the band have been together, they have been on multiple tours across the UK with the likes of You Me At Six, Set It Off and many others.

The show began with the support of Wolf Culture, a Bournemouth based band. They released a five-song EP earlier this year and they surpassed all expectations. The energy on stage was needed and they delivered through every song with the crowd loving every second. Next up was Jamie Lenman, a much different support for the band, but provided for a unique set that allowed the crowd to become even more excited for the headliners.

Tonight Alive came out to endless cheers and screams, opening with a song from the latest studio album Underworld, ‘The Other’. It was a powerful and strong song to open the set and it showed the band were there to make an impact. The vocals provided by lead singer Jenna McDougall were impeccable through every song on the 18-song set, with each member being able to highlight their skill sets throughout.

The ability to transition from a song dedicated to the fans, ‘For You’ whilst filming a music video for it into a heavier and fast-paced song such as ‘Crack My Heart’ is something the band have always had the ability to do perfectly. Highlights of the night were the astounding talents of the drummer Matty Best smashing out every single song throughout the sets, and seeing both guitarists Cameron Adler and Jake Hardy so comfortable on stage together and enjoying every single second up there. The response to the band was electric and was the perfect night for both fans and the band.

Photos by Lauren Rose.

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