Twenty One Pilots brought their high energy show as part of The Bandito Tour to Oracle Arena in Oakland, California on November 11.

Walking into the arena the energy was buzzing with fans who were filled with excitement for the show. Even when the curtain went up on stage the crowd started cheering because it was a sign that it was almost time for the band to hit the stage.

Finally, around 9pm the lights in the arena went out and the screams became more intense. The curtain drops and on stage stood drummer Josh Dun in his Trench attire, holding up a torch. The track ‘Jumpsuit’ began to play and lead singer Tyler Joseph rose onto the stage on top of a car. During the slower part of the song, petals were released just like in the music video. ‘Jumpsuit’ really set the tempo for the show.

After ‘Jumpsuit’ the band went into ‘Levitate’ then ‘Fairly Local’. The lighting for the latter was incredible and mid-way in the song the lights went out and when the song started up again Joseph appeared in the lower bowl of the arena. The crowd went crazy when he appeared. Continuing with songs off of Blurryface, the band played ‘Stressed Out’. Before playing it, a video played of Joseph’s red beanie making its way to the show and then the beanie came down from the ceiling for him to put on. After ‘Stressed Out’ and ‘Heathens’ they started to play ‘We Don’t Believe What’s On TV’. Beforehand though Tyler tested out the crowd by seeing how loud they would say the words back to him and Josh. After one try of yelling “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” It was clear the band was impressed by how loud the crowd was.

During ‘Lane Boy’ the energy kicked up to full gear. Halfway through the song Joseph had everyone get low to the ground then when the music kicked up again everyone started jumping and the lights and smoke went off like crazy. The last song they played before moving to the B stage was ‘Nico and The Niners’. Halfway through the song, a bridge came down and Joseph walked across to get to the other stage.

Starting off the part of the set at B stage the band played ‘Taxi Cab’. It was great looking around the arena everyone was sitting down with their phone lights on lighting up the venue to look very pretty. Next was ‘Neon Gravestones’ and this was when you could see the beautiful production that the band had for B stage. Between the graphics and lighting it made those songs stand out a little more. Picking up the pace again the last song the band played while making their way back to the main stage was ‘Pet Cheetah’.

After making their way back to the main stage, Tyler got on top of the crowd for the beginning of ‘Holding On To You’. After that, the band brought out openers Max Frost and Awolnation to play a couple of cover songs. This was another point in the show where it was clear how powerful the crowd was, it was easier to hear the crowd singing than any of the bands on stage.

After the cover songs, the band went into ‘My Blood’. With the song being so catchy everyone was dancing and singing along as loud as they could. In the middle of the song, Tyler divided the crowd into two and tried to see which side is louder. Both sides of the crowd were incredibly loud. Next was ‘Morph’ and between the lighting, Tyler playing on the piano and Dun playing on top of the crowd on his drum island it was special. Finally, the band played ‘Car Radio’ and towards the end of the song Joseph ran to climb up on a tower and as he was pointing to different sides of the crowd everyone who was in a seated area was screaming with excitement for how close he was.

Wrapping up the set the band played ‘Leave the City’. It was such a special moment when the band had the crowd sing. Hearing everyone sing “in time I will leave the city, for now, I will stay alive.” I got major chills. It was very clear the incredible impact the band and their music has had on fans.

Finally, the last song to be played was ‘Trees’. With it being the last song played everyone in the crowd was giving it their all with jumping around and singing along as loud as they could. At the end of the song both Dun and Joseph got up on platforms and played the drums on top of the crowd. And if that wasn’t enough when they were on top of the crowd, they had smoke and confetti going off. Their lighting was flashing in all the different colors of each era the band has had plus the lighting was making the shape of the band’s famous logo which was very cool and a nice touch to celebrate the beginning of a new era for the band.

Twenty One Pilots put on an amazing show, to say the least. Seeing how many times they got into the crowd or relied on crowd participation was very cool to see since it’s not very common at arena shows. It’s a true testament to the band of how important it is to them that they stay connected to their fans.

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