State Champs at the Roundhouse, London

Hot off of tour with Fall Out Boy in the States playing shows to huge audiences with material from their new album Living ProofState Champs descended on the Roundhouse in London.

However not before their fans did, who were queueing around the block first thing in the morning to wait for their heroes to arrive despite the cold weather. The show would mark their biggest headliner in the capital so far.

Woes opened the show and had a difficult task of getting the crowd going despite there being not much of one quite yet. They played with plenty of enthusiasm and although it was not matched by the crowd,  it was a good effort that was appreciated mainly by some die-hard Woes fans down at the front.

Next up were my personal faves, Aussie pop-punk trio Stand Atlantic. They were riding a high on the back of their album being released the day before and their set was energetic with David Potter literally spinning circles around your average band member. It was really great to see him enjoying himself so much, the feeling was definitely mutual.

Their set was a mix of songs from their EP Sidewinder and their new record Skinny Dipping. Even though the album had just been released fans already knew the lyrics of every song they played. From looking around you could see there was a good representation of their fans at the show. A highlight of their set was when Hannah Greenwood from Creeper came out to sing a special version of ‘Push’. The duet was amazing and it is always great to see two women rocking out on stage, representing hard!

Seaway, the main support, played a good set which many people wished was longer and did an excellent job gearing up the rather large crowd who stood in anticipation of what was yet to come. They kept asking the crowd to open up a pit although only a few people obliged. My sneaky suspicion is that a lot of fans did not want to lose their spots up front in advance of the main act coming out.

State Champs strutted out oozing confidence and immediately jumped into the song ‘Criminal’ much to the delight of the audience who erupted into song alongside them. For their next two songs, they kept the energy high with ‘Frozen’ and ‘Losing Myself’. In fact, they kept the pace up from the majority of the set there was only one real moment for their hyped up crowd to grab a breather was during ‘If I’m Lucky’, an acoustic song which lead singer Derek DiScanio played alone, giving the rest of the band a breather too!

They had some pyrotechnics on stage but to be honest there was no need for the flashy fireworks as they put on a good show without them. In fact, they made it through the 18-song set with ease and like all times where you’re having fun, time flew. In the blink of an eye, the set was over and people were screaming for one more song. We actually got a two-song encore in the way of ‘Elevated’ and ‘Secrets’.

In general, the show was great with a good atmosphere and a nice mix of songs from their different albums although half of the songs were unsurprisingly from Living Proof, their recently released album. Although the show was not sold out with many spaces left in seating the downstairs standing area was pretty packed out and the band are well on their way to selling out venues that large.


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