We get to know Scant Regard, a “one-man electro surf twang extravaganza”.

So, who are you?

Will Crewdson and my solo one-man electro surf twang extravaganza is Scant Regard.

Where are you from?

London, UK.

How long have you been doing this?

I started doing stuff on my own in 2011 after many years of playing guitar in bands and for other people. I just released the fifth Scant Regard album Skipping Over Damaged Area this year and I’m working on the next one right now.

How long have you been playing music in general?

Since I was 7… I can’t even work out how long ago that was!

Why should people listen to you?

Because it doesn’t sound like anything else. It’s nice to have an antidote to the force-fed radio darlings and I like to think I’m providing that intravenously.

What is your ideal touring line-up?

Me, myself and I. I’ve worked with drummers live before with this project though so I’m definitely open to adding live percussion to the sound.

What does music mean to you?

Everything. It’s hard to imagine life without it. I can’t think of any other art form that does what it does globally.

What was the first record you bought when you were younger?

Disney’s The Jungle Book soundtrack album. Then the first single I got was The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’ a few years later.

What artists first inspired you to start playing music?

Adam Ant was an early one (which is strange as I now play the guitar for him). Plus lots of early electronic stuff like Kraftwerk, Fad Gadget and Cabaret Voltaire. Anything that didn’t sound like anything else and didn’t conform to the norm. Lots of punk bands too.

What’s the most aesthetically pleasing album cover that you have in your collection?

Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys. It sums up a really nice feeling about New York from a different time and is just a great shot with fantastically vivid colours.

What kind of movie genre do you think your music would best be the soundtrack for?

Probably a sci-fi spaghetti western crime thriller with lots of action.

Recommend us a record, a book, and a movie…

For a record, Fireside Favourites by Fad Gadget. Every track is perfect and the lyrics are timelessly original.

A book… I’m reading Something Quite Peculiar by Steve Kilbey of the band The Church which is really good. He’s a great writer and it’s cool to look at the Australian view of a band breaking out of post-punkness.

The best film I saw recently was We Are The Best! which is a really funny story of a young punk band getting together at school. It’s so natural and believable. I find European films much more attractive and engaging in general than Hollywood or UK stuff.

Any last words for the readers of Highwire Magazine?

Come and see me play in LA on November 12 at the Redwood Bar and/or in London at The Hope and Anchor on December 7.

Also, my new cover version EP is out now at Bandcamp and from scantregard.com.

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