On October 18th ROAM and Like Pacific brought The Hopeless Noise Tour to Holy Diver in Sacramento, California.

Between You & Me started off the show with a bang. They had so much energy to match their vibrant sounding music, and with their lead singer Jake Wilson jumping all over the stage, it made their set very entertaining to watch.

Next to play were Bearings. Between their lively sound and tight-knit performance, it was very enjoyable to watch them play.

The last opener to play was Story Untold. They had an contagious energy about them which went perfectly with their upbeat vibe. All three bands were some of the best openers I’ve seen at a club show in a while.

Then it was time for ROAM. Despite the crowd being small the band put on an awesome set. Lead singer Alex Costello had a great energy about him, it was easy to keep my attention on the band while they were playing.

After ROAM it was time for Like Pacific to play. By the time Like Pacific started, it was starting to get late so it was more of a chill vibe when they played. It was still great to see the band have fun and jam out some of their older material and play stuff off their new album In Spite of Me

All together though every band had good sets and were enjoyable to watch. The tour is only a little more than halfway over so if you are looking for a show to go to I’d one hundred per cent recommended trying to catch a date of The Hopeless Noise Tour.

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