Stand Atlantic – Skinny Dipping

Aussie trio Stand Atlantic have outdone themselves with their debut album Skinny Dipping out on Hopeless Records, their brand new home.

I have already worn out my copy of Sidewinder, their 2017 EP and couldn’t wait for this new Skinny Dipping era to begin.

The album starts with a bang in way of the already released ‘Lavender Bones’, a catchy pop-punk song that will get stuck in your head all day. Continuing on with ‘Bullfrog’, the pace stays upbeat and wonderful pop melodies spin around in the air.

The next song and title track ‘Skinny Dipping’ is just as catchy and the lyrics are thought-provoking. When Bonnie Fraser sings, “it’s like skinny dipping in my jeans, you get wet but you don’t get clean.” I can’t help but wonder if this album runs a little bit deeper then we have heard them go before.

A few more songs pass with each one seems a little better than the last and you have what appears to be an almost perfect album to dance around to, it definitely may be the case that Stand Atlantic are not capable of writing a bad song.

There is a quick break in way of a slower song for you to catch your breath to ‘Toothpick’. It’s one not to miss though, showing a certain vulnerability throughout the lyrics that have a nice honesty to them. Ending with, “I wish I was just as strong as I make myself out to be”, something we can all relate to at one point in our lives or another.

All in all, this is a solid album made up of great songs that will have your foot a lot more than just tapping along. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the songs live as I think they’ll make for a good show.


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