You Me At Six recently released their new album VI on October 5th. The album includes ten tracks that are a testament to show how much they have grown as a band over the last few years.  

Starting off the album is ‘Fast Forward’; the song was one of the first songs released as a single and it does a good job of setting the tone of the record. The song showcases how the band has stayed true to their rock sound but just elevated it to the next level. ‘Straight To My Head’ is the second track on the album and one of the songs that stands out the most. Lead singer Josh Franceschi’s vocals are incredibly strong and match perfectly with the tone of the song.

The next song is ‘Back Again’, one of the groovier songs on the album. With the funky tones and overall upbeat feeling the song gives off it’s nearly impossible to not want to vibe out to it. In ‘Miracle in the Mourning’ Franceschi’s delivery is great for the straightforward lyrics the song has. There are so many different elements to the song it is one of the more unique songs on the album.

One of the other more vibrant sounding tracks on the album is ‘3AM’. The song stays true to the classic rock energy You Me At Six usually has in their songs. ‘3AM’ just has extra layers to it to give the song a special touch. ‘I O U’ has more of a rock vibe to it. The guitar parts towards the end of the song gave the track a little extra edge it needed for having a more tuneful sound.

‘Pray For Me’ is the other stand out track on the album. It doesn’t sound like any of the other songs on the album and the music is more sweet sounding so it’s easy to pay attention to the lyrics. The lyrics are the star of the song, the listener can appreciate the sincerity. ‘Predictable’ has a grittier rock sound to it and it matches perfectly with the blunt lyrics.

‘Danger’ is the second to last song on VI. It’s not till midway in the song that the beat really picks up. But the song still has an appealing sound to it nevertheless. The track is sure to catch any listener’s ear. ‘Losing You’ is the last song on the album and the slowest of all the tracks. Though it is one of the softer songs on the album, the message in the lyrics does a great job of wrapping the album up altogether.

VI is You Me At Six’s best work to date. Each song has its own distinct vibe to it and it shows on the album how much work the band put into crafting each track. I think fans can appreciate the obvious hard work the band put into this record.

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