Wrapping up a handful of tour dates, The Front Bottoms made their way to Sacramento, California for a sold-out show at Ace of Spades.

Starting off the night was Great Grandpa. The crowd seemed to be responding well to the band’s easygoing vibe. There were times where the band’s energy was hit and miss while playing, but overall the band still had a good set.

After a short wait, it was time for The Front Bottoms. As soon as the band hit the stage the energy in the venue shot up. During a lot of the songs, the crowd was singing along so loudly that was all that could be heard. There was no denying how excited all the fans were for the show.

During the show, the band started taking requests from the crowd. Right as the band asked what songs people wanted to hear, the crowd started shouting out so many different songs. The band ended up playing a handful of requests which I thought was nice on their part. Throughout the band’s set, the crowd’s energy was at a steady ten and the band made sure to give the same energy back.

Not even a few seconds after the band left the stage after playing their last song everyone in the crowd started chanting for an encore. The Front Bottoms came back on stage to play a few more songs and that is when the crowd’s energy kicked up to be next level. During the last song, the pit turned into one big party. There were people crowd surfing, jumping, dancing and some were even on the shoulders of others. The band ended the show on a high note.

The Front Bottoms know how to put on a high energy show. Even leaving the venue that night everyone seemed to be in high spirits. From the beginning of the show to the end, it was hard not to be impressed with their great stage presence.

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