The eclectic duo twenty øne piløts went away for over a year or so back in 2017 to work on their fourth studio album, and it can safely be said it was worth the wait.

The prior release of 2015’s Blurryface thrust them into multiple sold-out tours and a world tour to round off the album era.

Trench is twenty øne piløts highlighting the inability to define the genre within which the band are and truly shine in a world in which many are criticized for sticking to one sound. The entire album is an imagining of a self-enclosed world known as “Trench” through the use of the songs. Opening the album is ‘Jumpsuit’, a powerhouse and the first song to be debuted. Tyler Joseph’s vocals shined through here with a build toward the end and showed they were back to make their mark. The final seconds of ‘Jumpsuit’ transitions right into ‘Levitate’ with the backing track, which is beautiful and inspired. ‘Levitate’ is a full-on rap piece which is nothing less than expected by the duo with a catchy drum backing by Josh Dun.

‘Morph’ is the first song that may truly throw you as a listener, as it is different; even for this band. The beat mixed with Joseph’s vocals are perfectly matched it this will instantly be a hit for listeners to the band or even those who are new to the band. ‘Chlorine’ is another perfect example of the inability to define the genre of the band, with it being even more different than the song prior.

‘Neon Gravestones’ is a song that even after continuous repeats, still has a particular punch to your emotions. It is a powerful song that tackles very serious issues in a beautiful manner and does not attempt to make shy of them.

The band have just come from a sold-out pop-up show at O2 Academy Brixton in London last month, entitled “A Complete Diversion”, and are about to embark on another world tour for this album era this month. It hits the UK as of March 2019 with a massive three nights at SSE Arena Wembley.

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