California’s very own The Story So Far have finally released their highly anticipated album Proper Dose. The album includes eleven tracks that show how much time and energy the band put into making their most unique album to date.

The titular opening starts the album off with a punch, with the groovy guitar parts the track stays true to the band’s sound that fans know them for. Some of the best parts of the record are tracks like ‘If I Fall’, ‘Light Year’ and ‘Need to Know’. These songs show how the band is trying to expand their sound with more diverse tempo changes and guitar parts.  

Also, on the album there are tracks such as ‘Take Me as You Please’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘Line’ and ‘Growing on You’ that are slower than what fans may be used to. The songs have softer elements to them, but the band still made the songs in a way that they don’t gear too far away from their sound that they are known for.

On Proper Dose there are songs that stay true to the band’s sound such as ‘Out of It’ and ‘Keep This Up.’ However, the standout track on the album is ‘Upside Down’. Although the song is one of the slower tracks on the album it has its own unique vibe to it and it sounds like nothing else the band has done before.

The Story So Far definitely pushed the envelope on this record, and it worked. When listening to the album all the way through, it is easy to tell how well thought out it was. Between the placement of songs on the record, the lyrics and each song being special in its own right, they’ve done an incredible job refreshing their sound and giving it a new life. It is safe to say it was worth the wait for Proper Dose.

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