Introducing: Die So Fluid

London’s very own Die So Fluid have been delivering their particular brand of hard rock brilliance since 2001, and have now got five albums and one EP under their belts. Highwire Magazine caught up with guitarist Drew Richards to see what they’re all about…

So, who are you?

Die So Fluid – Uber Rock Trio of extraordinary taste and sophistication. Mr Drew on guitar  here – pleased to make your acquaintance.

Where are you from?

Originally Norf London but now London – Los Angeles – Bologna.

How long have you been together?

Our first album came out in 2004.

How long have you been playing music?

Since I was sixteen. Playing in a band seemed to attract girls better than my raging acne.

Why should people listen to your band?

It cures acne.

What is your ideal touring line-up?

I reckon we wouldn’t turn any work down except maybe Ministry. I was backstage at one of their shows and saw Al Jourgensen shove a celery stick right up his ass and then place it back on the snack table with the rest of the rider. I would have to pack a lunch for the whole tour and I don’t think that’s practical.

What does music mean to you?

Motorbikes, sex and tinnitus.

What was the first record you bought when you were younger?

Well I was buying records when I was five but the first album I bought that didn’t have a puppy or some shit on the cover was probably Pornography by The Cure.

What artists first inspired you to start playing music?

Pluto, who is a Jamaican artist. I grew up there and he was the first guy I saw play live and got me interested but I didn’t seriously  think about playing myself until I heard Adam and the Ants.

What’s the most aesthetically pleasing album cover that you have in your collection?

Tin Drum by Japan. Fin Costello took the cover shot. We’ve worked with him and also some other great photographers and artists like Paul Harries,  Dan Schaffer, of Dogwitch notoriety, did our latest album and Vania Zouravliov did our early albums. Vania is really successful now and won’t return my phone calls but we were housemates for a long time so maybe he thinks I’m trying to get that £1.15 he owes me for a can of beans in 2002. If you’re reading this, Vania, I am prepared to wave the interest on top of the principle but the loan is still outstanding.

What kind of movie genre do you think your music would best be the soundtrack for?

It would have been perfect for Mad Max. It’s great that there is hardly any dialogue in Fury Road so I can watch it with the sound down and play along on guitar. That movie’s score is so shite and to feature a character who plays guitar riffs as a battle cry and then the riffs are such weak beer it offends mine ear.

Recommend us a record, a book, and a movie…

Midnight Oil’s Place Without a Postcard – everyone thinks I’m a wanker for liking these old Midnight Oil records but I can’t help it.

DMZ / Wood & Burchielli – I love John Carpenter’s Escape From New York so….

The Bandit – a documentary about Hal Needham who was Burt Reynold’s stunt double.

Any last words for the readers of Highwire Magazine?

You know with a name like Highwire you could be the trade publication for big-top circus performers. Or are you encouraging everyone to get high and wired? Either way I think I have spent enough time with you degenerates!

P.S. new album is here and then get tickets to see us play live in London this November here . Sparkling complexion guaranteed!


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