The Candescents – Riverside Dr. EP

Record label Dirty Hit is home to an array of incredible artists, including The 1975 and Wolf Alice. One of their newer, up-and-coming offerings is Columbus, Ohio’s The Candescents who are set to cast a spell over the world with their debut Riverside Dr. EP. 

Three of the four tracks on the record have already been released, starting with the incredibly catchy ‘Boyfriend’ — its beachy, feel-good indie pop at its finest and will give you one hell of an earworm.

The second track to hit the shelves (figuratively, of course — it’s not 1995) was ‘Chinese New Year’, which is slower than its predecessor and as a result is all the more sultry. The Candescents aren’t trying to deliver any kind of profound message with their music but they’re all the better for it. In today’s world, their material is an excellent soundtrack in the getaway from real life.

‘Back Of Your Hand’ oozes cool, and by this point, The Candescents’ consistency is clear to see. They stick to what they know and it works for them — it should work for listeners too, as it would be very difficult not to enjoy this band’s sound. It’s easy, seductive, and right to the point.

The only track saved for the record’s release day is ‘2AM’, a cheery gem with intricate guitar parts and lyrics that almost anyone can relate to. It strips down briefly near the end: just lead singer Alex Harris and an acoustic guitar laid bare before the grand finale of the track has everything coming to a close.

The Candescents may not have much of a following at the moment, but with the release of this ultimately solid record and their support slot on labelmates’ Pale Waves’ upcoming U.S. tour, it’s not hard to see that they have a vast amount of potential which is, for the time being, still largely untapped.


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