Black Honey – Black Honey

The sizzling, seductive sound of Black Honey has been taking over the indie scene for a few years now, but the band are now ready to truly establish themselves in the world with the release of their eponymous debut album.

Black Honey’s lead singer Izzy B. Phillips is effortlessly cool. Of course, to see the band live is to see her in her element but it’s something that also manages to translate well on record. She’s an enigma, that much is for sure, and this record is a true testament to not only all the hard work that the band have put in over the last couple of years but also how hungry they are to succeed while sticking to their guns. Phillips the leader of the revolution, in every way possible.

Black Honey have always been very upfront about their love for all things Americana, which influences their aesthetic and sound heavily. The album kicks off with ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’, a previously released single that needs no explanation as to why it was all the buzz. It’s the catchy lyrics, palpable bassline and downright electric delivery of ‘Midnight’ that steals the show though, making the song a strong contender for the best on the record. It’s impossible not to find the groove to a track like this; it takes over your senses and is certainly the kind of material that will make you “walk like a badass”.

Despite being firmly rooted in what fans have come to know and expect from Black Honey, this record also sees the band evolve into a much more mature, confident group of musicians. ‘Whatever Happened To You’ is reminiscent of Björk’s ‘Army Of Me’ with an almost industrial tone to it, proving that Black Honey are not above experimenting as they present their debut.

Another standout track is ‘Blue Romance’, which slows things down but doesn’t break away from the album’s consistency. Its pace and lyrics are very Lana Del Rey-esque, but this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since the American songstress is very much in the same vein as Black Honey.

The latter half of the album is absolutely charged with gems, including an older favorite ‘Hello Today’, and the sultry ‘Into The Nightmare’ — a track that will shake you to the core in the absolutely best way.

‘Wasting Time’ is the closer and also this record’s pièce de résistance. It builds slowly and steadily, with every part of its makeup being very much deliberate in showcasing why its the song that has been chosen to bring Black Honey’s first album to an end. This band has worked incredibly hard over the past few years, touring non-stop in a bid to cultivate the strong following they boast today. It’s all paid off in the end, of course — this is one of the finest debuts of 2018.


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