Fall Out Boy – Lake Effect Kid EP

Fall Out Boy are coming home and they want you to know all about it.

On Saturday, September 8, Fall Out Boy will play Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs) in their biggest hometown show to date. In the lead up to this most hallowed event, the band have released a brand new EP entitled Lake Effect Kid which boasts three tracks that are a “love letter to Chicago”.

The titular track was recorded as a demo back in 2008 and released on a record entitled CitizensFOB: Welcome To The New Administration, a label mixtape which also featured the likes of Cobra Starship, Panic! At The Disco and Gym Class Heroes. This new version is more refined but changes very little from the original recording, giving fans a taste of vintage Fall Out Boy without any of the gimmicks.

The new ‘Lake Effect Kid’ is clean-cut pop-rock, and the delightful chorus of “boomerang my head back to the city I grew up in,” will have you thinking wistfully about your very own hometown.  This track was likely intended for the band’s 2008 studio-album Folie à Deux, but it is of course far more fitting for a record celebrating the place where it all began. Warning: you may feel a hint of nostalgia for Clinton Sparks yelling “get familiar”…

Second track ‘City In A Garden’ is an almost romantic ode to the Windy City, while ‘Super Fade’ rounds the EP off with all the glory of synth and drum samples. A track that’s evidently influenced by more urban genres of music, it does make one think of Kanye West’s ‘Homecoming’ in which he raps about what sounds like his love for a girl before at the end revealing that he’s serenading Chicago. As far as ‘Super Fade’ is concerned, the lyric, “Chicago gets my soul,” is pretty self-explanatory of how Fall Out Boy feel.

This EP may not offer an abundance of new material to eager fans, but it’s certainly a fresh new concept that celebrates the city that created one of the world’s favorite bands and their long-awaited return. Wrigley Field will certainly prove as the place to be on September 8 and for those in attendance, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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