A lot of people say that a band’s sophomore album can make or break them. For Boston Manor, they made sure that wasn’t something they would have to worry about. Welcome to The Neighbourhood is sure to be the album that takes the band to the next level.

Starting off the album is ‘Welcome to The Neighbourhood’, and immediately the intro gives off a haunting vibe that sets the listener up to feel like they are about to hear a story. The next track, ‘Flowers in Your Dustbin’, is one of the few songs on the record that has catchy parts to it yet still has heavier parts as well.

Halo’ was the first single off of the album and it is apparently obvious why this was the right choice. The song showcases the vibe of the album well. ‘England’s Dreaming’ is one of the darker songs on the album with its heavier sound compared to the other songs across the record. ‘Funeral Party’ is a unique song, it has its own vibe to it making it stand out well.

‘Digital Ghost’ is a standout track on the album just for how powerful it is. The band did a great job of putting big parts in the song were needed. ‘Tunnel Vision’ has a different tone to it compared to other songs, it has a classic rock vibe to it making the song sound really rich and appealing to the listener. ‘Bad Machine’ is the other standout track from the album. The vocals on the track are consistent and strong making it clear to understand what the song is about.

Then there are songs like ‘If I Can’t Have It No One Can’ and ‘Stick Up’ that have the classic Boston Manor sound, just better executed. ‘Hate You’ is the one track on the album where lead singer Henry Cox really showcases emotion, he did a great job on vocals making it easy to hear his aggression and the point he is trying to get across with the lyrics. The last track on Welcome to The Neighbourhood is ‘The Day I Ruined Your Life’ and is the slowest song on the album, but is the perfect finish to an end. The whole vibe of the song really brings the album full circle.

Boston Manor truly outdid themselves with Welcome to The Neighbourhood, proving they are a force to be reckoned with. Any fan of the band is sure to love the new album.

Welcome To The Neighbourhood will be released on Friday, September 6.

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