On August 15 Jack White brought his Boarding House Reach Tour to San Francisco for a sold-out show.

Opening the show was Olivia Jean. She and her band did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up. They have such a distinctive sound and vibe to them, it made for an enjoyable set.

It was only a short wait until Jack White hit the stage. During that time a countdown appeared on the stage screen and that really got the crowd amped up. Then finally the lights went out the audience nearly lost their minds with anticipation. The screams coming from the crowd were so incredibly loud. White has such a unique stage presence to him it made for a cool show. During the show, he made a point to go up to everyone in his band and play alongside them which was a nice touch on his part. White had a no phone policy at the show, so people were more invested in the show then watching through a screen which I think really made the experience that much more special.

But the highlight of the night was when White came back out to do his encore and he played ‘Seven Nation Army’. The crowd’s energy skyrocketed once again. People were banging their hands against the barricade and singing along so loud it was impossible to hear him singing and I was front row.

Jack White put on a fantastic show for his fans. It was clear leaving the venue everyone was going to be buzzing off that performance for a while.

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