Australian pop-punk outfit With Confidence have just released their sophomore album Love and Loathing, so we caught up vocalist and guitarist Jayden Seeley to pick his brain on what went behind such a powerful record.

Tell us what Love and Loathing is all about. Were there any specific influences or concepts behind it?

It’s about Love and Loathing! It’s about the way we view ourselves and the way we view others. It’s about how love can grow and shape us. It’s how this magical and mystical force can drive us to think the absolute best and absolute worst of ourselves.

What’s your favourite song off of the record and why?

I can’t choose a favourite. I love all the songs off the record. One that sticks out would be ‘Tails’ because it’s something different for us. I think we explored a new realm musically and lyrically so it feels exciting and fresh.

What did you find were the biggest differences in writing for a sophomore album?

A bit of experience behind our backs I’d say. Going into this album I felt more confident that I knew what I was doing. It felt like writing an album, rather than a bunch of songs.

What have been your biggest struggles while writing and recording the new album?

I think the hardest thing was after the end of last year, working out if this is what we really wanted to do. We took a lot of time off for introspection and concluded this band can do more good in the world moving forward, than sitting negatively in the past.

Lately, what have you been listening to?

New Trophy Eyes, some Bleachers, and a bunch of podcasts.

What are some local bands you’ve been digging lately you think people should check out?

The Habits out of LA are pretty cool. Stand Atlantic is about to pop off!

What’s your favourite place to visit on tour? Are there any places you haven’t been yet that you’d like to hit up?

I appreciate every day I wake up in a new city. Some of the favourites would have to be London, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Melbourne, Berlin, and Tokyo.

It’s 2023 – where would you like to see your band at that time?

On our fourth album! Touring in some fancy bus and being able to afford Uber Eats whenever I want it.

What would be the top tips you give to anyone looking to break into the music industry, particularly into the pop-punk scene?

Be passionate and motivated about what you do. Do it because you love music and not because you want to succeed. If you love what you’re doing, who cares if you make it big.

Why should people buy/stream Love and Loathing? Sell it to us!

Because this is a big step for With Confidence. I think this album is more complete and mature than Better Weather, and a good representation of the future for us. I think you’ll walk away from this album feeling motivated and excited about your future!

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