On July 21 Paramore made their way to Mountain View, CA for a show at Shoreline Amphitheatre as part of their After Laughter Summer Tour.

Opening the show was Foster the People. They did a good job of warming up the crowd with their easy going music. Lead Singer Mark Foster was fantastic at keeping the crowd’s attention as well as with the speech he gave about the importance of music and having great energy while playing. He made their set that much more enjoyable to watch.

After a short wait, it was then time for Paramore to hit the stage. As soon as the lights went out in the amphitheatre the energy of the crowd skyrocketed. When the band started playing everyone was singing along and dancing. The energy stayed at ten throughout the whole show.

Hayley Williams is a strong frontwoman. She did an awesome job at addressing everyone in the crowd to make sure they felt included. She also had a dynamic vibe about her through the whole show which was great to see. Some of the highlights of the show were when the band played some of their slower songs such as ‘26’ and ‘Misguided Ghosts’ and during those songs the crowd took it upon themselves to put up their phone light and light the whole amphitheatre, making it look very pretty. Later on in the set, the band played ‘Misery Business’ and the crowd was singing so loud that you could barely hear Williams singing.

Between the band’s contagious energy while playing, amazing production and feel good vibe Paramore put on a quality show.

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