At one of the last stops of their west coast tour, we caught up with the members of Anarbor (Slade Echeverria – Bass/Vocals; Adam Juwig – Guitar/Vocals and Danny Stravers – Guitar/Vocals) to discuss the new songs they have put out, what tour has been like this summer and what’s next for the band.

So you have two shows left of the tour, how has the run been for you guys?

Slade Echeverria: It’s been great! We had the first run with Alvarez Kings, we got to know them really really well. They are like our second family now. The shows were fun for sure. We had a lot of good times.

Adam Juwig: This is like the longest run we’ve actually done since we started touring again after the break. Over the past year, two years we’ve done little two week, three week runs were you split it up by each coast. But this is the first one where we’ve done the entire thing in one full run.

Do you guys have any fun stories to tell from this leg of the tour?

AJ: Well a couple nights ago, we were in Portland and we woke up at 7:30 in the morning to two police officers in our hotel room. When we checked into our hotel the night prior we had been in the room for about thirty seconds, the front desk calls saying they had been receiving noise complaints from our room all day but we had just checked in. Then I wake up at 7:30 in the morning to two police officers like, “alright, get up”.

Danny Stravers: Yeah, two Portland PD guys… basically I think somebody else in the hotel was making a ton of noise and were just like, “oh it must be that band that just got here” but we were asleep for six hours and they woke us up.

AJ: I was talking to one of the police officers while I was gathering all my stuff and was like, “when did you receive the call?” and he was like, “about 15 minutes ago”. I was like, “that is so weird because you walked into us while we were sleeping. I’ve been asleep for at least six hours so I’m just very confused”.

SE: Yeah, that’s the most recent thing that’s happened. That’s been for two days. You can only imagine.

DS: It’s been fun. That’s the most trouble we’ve gotten into I think.

AJ: The guys in Alvarez Kings who we did the first part of the tour with, they’re from England and they are crazy.

SE: They just like to have fun.

AJ: They like to have fun and it’s fun to watch them have fun.

SE: And they are a great band too and we love them so it was very good to get them out here.  

What’s your guys’ favorite thing about touring?

SE: Getting to know everyone in all the bands, all the fans that come out. It’s good to see people’s faces and know that people still love this band and support it.

DS: It’s cool cause if you see our numbers on Spotify you’re like, “okay but who are these people?” but then you get to tour and go all around the country and you’re like, “okay these are the people that everything we are doing is impacting these people’s lives. These are the people that really care. It gives us a reason to keep doing it”.

SE: And just being in different places all the time is exciting.

AJ: It was cool just the other day we got to go to the Redwood National Forest. Never been. Been touring for over ten years and never been.

You’ve put out three new songs, how do you think they differ from you guys’ older songs?

SE: They have been killing it. It’s been crazy consistent awesomeness from everybody. Everyone seems to really be liking the songs. I think ‘Sassy’ is the favorite right now.

DS: It’s cool ’cause I joined the band in the last two years so it’s the first stuff that I’ve written on. We were all collectively trying to move in somewhat of a different direction. So it’s always a gamble when you put out new music cause we’re like how are people going to react to it who are used to certain music that the band had. But everyone’s just loved it across the board. It’s so cool to drop a song and the next day you play a show there are already people that are singing the lyrics.

SE: Everyone’s been super cool about it.

Out of the new songs, do you have a favorite to play live?

SE: I like ‘M.I.A’, I love playing ‘M.I.A’.

DS: ‘M.I.A’ and ‘Sassy’.

SE: Not to single out ‘Amarillo’ but…

AJ: Yeah ‘Amarillo’ just came out so it’s like not many people know it yet. I think ‘M.I.A’ has been out for a little bit now. So it’s always cool to see the response to new stuff.

DS: And the three of them they mesh well together but they are so different from each other so I guess that’s just our way of testing out what people like. And what maybe we should work harder on for the upcoming album. Like what we should focus on or what people dig and where we should be going.

Well, I noticed when I was looking at your Twitter you guys did a poll to see what everyone’s favorite song is so far and a lot of people said they wanted an option to answer both. So that’s a good sign.

SE: That’s great! That’s awesome! We love seeing that absolutely. And we try and mix it up during the set. We’re obviously playing the new stuff and we also try to get a good mix of our old catalogue too. Just to make everybody happy. There’s always somebody that’s like, “you didn’t play this song” and it’s like “we’ll be back! We promise!”, it’s always hard.

DS: If we could play for as long as we wish we could, we would play a 100 song set.

For people who may not be familiar with you guys, what would you say to convince them to listen to you?

SE: if you like sassy music that’s also rock & roll that’s got a little pop to it. And you like rock & roll shows, I think.

DS: If you like having a good time, that’s all that we’re about basically.

SE: We don’t like sitting there on stage, being boring. We also enjoy the music that we write so we actually like having a good time on stage.

DS: Our shows are about throwing a party. And our music I think essentializes about trying to write good feeling music. But also talks about some shit that we go through.

SE: Some real stuff. The best thing is when I hear a song and I can relate to the lyrics and I really like them, it’s my favorite thing. And I’ll keep listening and listening. So when I’m writing music I’ll try and get as relatable as possible in certain situations that are going on in my life. It’s cool, I’m just trying to relate to everybody else. It’s just like what everybody goes through. We’re just putting it into a song.

If you could create your dream tour with you guys and three other bands, who would you pick and why?

SE: I feel like right now in our lives Alvarez Kings for sure. But okay bigger scheme.

[Everyone agrees on Kings of Leon]

AJ: Catfish [and the Bottlemen] would be sick.  

SE – Okay it would go… Alvarez Kings, Anarbor, Catfish and the Bottlemen then Kings of Leon.

Finally, what can fans expect next from you guys?

SE: Next we actually have something pretty interesting coming out. We’ve been doing a bunch of remixes for our music. But these three new songs that we have, a bunch of DJs have been throwing them in and been doing some cool stuff with them. We’re gonna come out with an EP. Then we’re also going to come out with maybe a deluxe edition EP or something different. But it’s going to be kind of a different side of rock & roll. We’re trying to branch out and blend some stuff.

AJ: There are a bunch of different EDM artists and producers that have done remixes and are going to push that.

DS: It’s really cool too cause they took stuff that we wrote like the original song has such a certain emotion and style to it and they just flipped the script and make it something else. All the lyrics still make sense and it still fits the vibe of the song.

SE: It’s like taking a sandwich and making it a different way. It’s all the same components, just flipping it around and doing it in a different style. It’s cool.

DS: Back home I work at a nightclub, I hear EDM and hip-hop all the time. And now more and more there are a lot of bands that are getting discovered big time because of a remix. There are so many kids in the newer generation that don’t even listen to rock music. They just listen to electronic music. But if you throw them a really dope remix they’ll be like, “wait, who is this band?” and hopefully they’ll check that shit out.

Well, I like to listen to a lot of different music. So I’m excited to listen to it, It sounds really interesting.

SE: Right? It’s very interesting. We might get some heat for it but whatever, we’re ready. This is a totally new world that we are living in with music. I think anything fucking goes and we’re gonna fucking push that boundary as far as we can.

DS: I think Anarbor has always kind of had the vibe of doing whatever you wanna do. And now that we’re not tied down by a label or anything we fully do have the chance to do whatever the hell we want to do.

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