New Zealand native Theia is definitely an artist to watch in the coming months. She is best known for her catchy lyrics, breathy vocals and dreamy synthesizers, which are extremely reminiscent of fellow Kiwi songstress, Lorde – just with a bit more oomph!

Theia has recently released her newest track called ‘Bad Idea’. From the second the track begins, you are drawn in instantly. Theia’s nasal vocal tones help to add a dreamy, psychedelic feel to this song.

As the chorus approaches, you are well and truly hooked; taken on a spectacular lyrical journey. You are met with some incredibly catchy lyrics, which are certain to get stuck in your head. The whole vibe of the song makes us feel like we are on an aeroplane, travelling to escape from the realities of life!

‘Bad Idea’ is definitely a step in the right direction for Theia, following her previous darker, grittier sounding tracks. It has a really uplifting feel about it, despite its emotional meaning. It is a track that just keeps on giving, the more you listen. The song has a fantastic conclusion at the end. She insinuates that whatever you are currently going through in your personal life, you can definitely come out of it at the other side as a better, stronger individual. What a positive, meaningful message to her fanbase!

If you love artists such as Bat For Lashes and Florence and The Machine, you will undoubtedly adore Theia’s new single – we highly recommend giving her a try!

Her new track ‘Bad Idea’ was officially released on July 12 on her YouTube channel, with promotional media surrounding the song being posted on her social media accounts.

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