The wait for State Champs fans is finally over as the band release their highly anticipated album Living Proof on June 15. The album consists of thirteen tracks that showcase how much the five-piece have grown as artists since they released their second album back in 2015.

On this record they’ve taken their catchy pop-punk sound they are known for and enhanced it to the next level. With songs like ‘Lighting’, ‘Crystal Ball’ and ‘Sidelines’, along with ‘Mine is Gold’, it’s clear that the band made sure the songs were more polished for this record.

With tracks that have a more refined sound, there are also some songs that show State Champs stepping out of their comfort zone. Those include ‘Frozen’ and ‘Something About You’, but rest assured they still have the signature State Champs flare to them. The album also has songs like ‘Criminal’ and ‘Dead and Gone’ that have a more vibrant tone to them that fans may be more familiar with sound-wise.  

The band also has a few slower songs on the album. ‘Our Time To Go’ stands out from the rest of the more downtempo tracks on the album because of lead singer Derek DiScanio’s powerful vocals. The emotion conveyed in the song makes it that much more special.  

Make sure to listen to State Champs’ new album Living Proof. The album is filled with songs that are true to the band’s fun and unique style along with songs that are different than what fans may have been anticipating but they one hundred percent hold up with the rest of the album.

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