Homesafe – One EP

Pop-punk four-piece Homesafe are on track to release their debut EP titled One on June 29. The group, who are originally from the town of Oak Lawn in Illinois, have an undeniably fabulous guitar-driven sound which is incredibly memorable.

They have recently released the first track from the record, ‘Run’, which features some powerful high-energy guitar riffs and an ever so catchy melody throughout. Unforgettable lyrics and a feisty chorus also help to propel this track to superstardom – a great indication of what is to come on the record.

Other standout songs on One include ‘Say Something’ and ‘Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams’, which have a similar sound that is typical of the band. They still have meaningful lyrics which truly speak from the heart.

From listening to these particular tracks, it is clear that they have are inspired by bands of a similar nature such as State Champs, Neck Deep, and even All Time Low – this is definitely not a bad thing though, as they are still adapting to form their own unique sound.

As well as the fast-paced tracks, Homesafe have also included some slower, more chilled out songs on the EP which show true diversity within the album. If you are searching for songs that will tug at your heartstrings, make sure to check out ‘Stay Away’, ‘Sideways Sleeper’ and ‘I Don’t Know’. The vocals on all of these tracks are just so soft and mellow – a little bit of a contrast to their more up-tempo material!

Overall, the One EP from Homesafe is definitely a record worth a listen. If you are looking for a band which is full of life but also calm and collected, Homesafe may be your new favorites in the current pop-punk scene.

They have already played an incredible set at Slam Dunk Festival in the last couple of weeks and are currently on their North American tour, showcasing their new EP in all its glory. Homesafe are definitely a band to watch out for in the future!


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