Napa Valley, California got its “First Taste of Summer” when BottleRock hit town from May 25 to 27. The three-day festival had a packed lineup with music that everyone would enjoy.

Starting off on day one, Flor played on the Midway Stage. Even though they were one of the first artists to play they did a fairly good job of keeping the crowd entertained. After a short wait, it was time for LANY. As soon as the band’s picture appeared on the stage screens, people tried getting as close as they could for the barricade. LANY put on a great set for the crowd, with their sweet sounding music got everyone dancing and singing along. Lead singer Paul Klein did a great job of getting the crowd hyped up with his contagious energy.

After their set, it was over to the Jam Cellars Stage to catch Earth, Wind & Fire. It was special to see how their music had the power to get everyone dancing as soon as they started playing. Once 6:00 p.m. rolled around it was time for Incubus’ set. They had a strong performance – a standout moment from their show was when it started raining, but it didn’t stop the crowd from enjoying the music. If anything the crowd only started to sing along even louder.

Finally, it was time for Muse to hit the stage. The crowd was going crazy for the band the whole time. Between the band’s amazing production and their powerful performance, it made for a brilliant experience.

Day two and it was straight to the Jam Cellars Stage to catch The Aces set. The band looked like they were having a great time on stage and their easy-going music had the crowd moving. The next band to play on the Jam Cellars Stage was Bleachers. The crowd was loving every minute of their set. One of the highlights from their performance was when lead singer and guitarist Jack Antonoff played guitar parts for saxophone player Evan Smith to mimic and, joking around, Antonoff was mouthing that Smith’s attempts weren’t good enough. The crowd loved seeing Antonoff and Smith going back and forth.

The next band we caught were Michael Franti and Spearhead. Franti did a great job of getting the crowd involved when he started dancing and singing along with people. It was moving by how happy-go-lucky Franti’s set was. Next up was Billy Idol. The weather was really starting to heat up during this time but that did not stop the crowd from enjoying his performance. The Head and the Heart were next to play. Although they had a very clean performance the energy of the crowd died down a little since their music is mellower.

Then finally it was time for the headliner of the night The Killers. They opened their set with ‘Mr. Brightside’ and the crowd instantly went crazy. All throughout the set, you could hear everyone singing along to every song as loud as they could. It was great to see how the band was feeding off the crowd’s energy. Lead Singer Brandon Flowers was smiling throughout the whole set because of how energetic the crowd was being.

To start off the last and final day of BottleRock, it was at Midway Stage to see The Wrecks play. Even though they had an early time slot that didn’t stop them from giving the performance their all. Lead Singer Nick Anderson did an amazing job of getting the crowd up and moving. Next to perform was Mondo Cozmo. The crowd really seemed to enjoy the band’s music. What stood out to me during their performance was how easy-going the band was on stage. They really let their music speak for itself which was refreshing to see a band do.

The last band we caught at the Midway Stage was New Politics. The band was very entertaining to watch. Louis Vecchio, David Boyd and Søren Hansen all performed with so much enthusiasm it made for a great set. Their fans were loving every minute of their performance.

Over on the Jam Cellars Stage, it was time for Halsey‘s set. Although it seemed like the crowd wasn’t connecting with her music that well it didn’t stop her from giving a wonderful performance. She was 100% blissful to watch the whole time.

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