Stand Atlantic: “we went to the Shrek Museum!”

Stand Atlantic have toured with the likes of New Found Glory, State Champs, As It Is and ROAM, and have fast been making a strong name for themselves in the pop-punk scene despite still being a young band. We caught up with vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser, bassist David Potter and drummer Jonno Panichi in London at their warm-up show before Slam Dunk weekend.

So first of all, this is your first headline show in London?

Bonnie Fraser: Yes, It’s our first headline show in any country other than Australia!

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Jonno Panichi: We sing – we huddle in a circle and sing Nollsy which is like an Australian…

David Potter: He came second on the first season of Australian Idol.

JP: He’s like an Australian icon!

DP: …but it’s just become a bit of a meme now.

BF: It’s a national treasure back in Australia. It makes us feel at home.

So we saw on your Twitter that you were outside the Eiffel Tower being all touristy… Are there any other touristy things that you want to do that you’ve not got around to yet?

BF: I think we’ve done a lot of them.

JP: We went to the Colosseum…

BF: Last time we were here in November with ROAM every place we went to there was like scaffolding on all the memorial buildings or whatever…

JP: On like any famous landmark…

BF: Just scaffolding!

DP: So it was the biggest [letdown] when we got to London, no one told us that Big Ben is apparently under construction for nine years… we were like, what?!

BF: Why did we even come here?! [Laughs]

JP: But then that was just the theme of the tours, like anything we go to is just under construction.

BF: We went to the Shrek Museum though!

That’s awesome…

BF: Well, we went into the gift shop. [Laughs] We didn’t actually get to go into the Shrek Museum.

You’ve toured with a lot of bands, but is there any on a list of bands you’d still like to tour with but haven’t?

BF: Yeah, there’s heaps!

JP: Yeah there’s heaps, I don’t know how much of a reality it is to make some of them happen but…

BF: Obviously it would be really cool to tour with bands that we were listening to growing up like Blink-182 and Green Day and stuff like that.

JP: I think for me that Silverchair would be really cool but that’s never gonna happen so…

BF: Are Silverchair big here? Do you guys know who Silverchair are?

They used to be quite big…

JP: Yeah, they’re not a band anymore so that’s why it won’t happen. That would be a dream for me though.

BF: Just anyone who is nice, honestly…

OK so nice people only: Is it the same with collaborations, is there anyone you’d really like to collaborate with?

BF: Justin Bieber.

DP: On the EP we were saying we’d really wanted to do Rivers Cuomo from Weezer but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. He gets everyone hitting him up ever.

BF: That would be cool!

DP: Who else did we say?

JP: Someone like Brendon Urie.

BF: Yeah someone way better than me, better than us…

So you’re off to Slam Dunk this weekend are there any bands whose sets you’d like to catch?

BF: I’m really excited to see The Dangerous Summer, I want to see PVRIS

JP: I want to see Creeper and Holding Absence.

BF: …and then heaps of bands that are on the same stage as us like Grayscale and Sleep On It would be really cool.

DP: My big two are like Northlane and Creeper.

BF: Yeah and also Jimmy Eat World and all the big ones like Good Charlotte and stuff obviously.

You’re gonna be back in the UK again at the end of the year…

DP: We are!

It was just announced today with State Champs: What do you like about the UK and Europe?

BF: I like the UK because I feel like the people in the UK have a similar sense of humour as like  Australia, so we feel really at home making really inappropriate jokes.

DP: Yeah Americans you can get a little bit weird around.

JP: I was gonna say Greggs and Spoons…

BF: Yeah, Greggs and Spoons!

DP: Foooood!

BF: We don’t even need to say anything else.

JP: That just sums it up!

My favourite song by you guys is ‘Mess I Made’ because it’s the song that I first heard when it came up on my Spotify. Do you have a favourite song of your own?

BF: I think it changes all the time… I think I’m just going to go with ‘Coffee At Midnight’ just because it was like… I dunno… just sentimental. It always goes off live.

JP: I think for me live it’s ‘Coffee At Midnight’ because the crowd just gets into it and it’s just insane. There’s so much energy and then ‘Chemicals’ is really cool as well.

BF: Yeah ‘Chemicals’ goes off too… we like all of them, really, they’re like our little babies.

JP: Yeah, you can’t choose.

So I was researching you on the internet and am I correct that you don’t have a website?

BF: No we don’t, I’ve just realized that!

Why is that, is there any particular reason?

BF: I think it’s just because everything is so accessible nowadays anyway, like… yeah, a website is a place where people can go and get everything but I feel like we’re pretty active on all our social media and everything anyway. That’s pretty much all you need.

JP: We did speak about it but we kind of never got around to it. We were like we really need a website but then it never went any further.

DP: Yeah, my friend keeps taking the piss telling me he’s going to buy our URL and just put porn on it…

BF: Oh my God!

DP: …let’s hope he doesn’t do that!

Finally… What’s next for Stand Atlantic?

BF: This year’s pretty much booked out now which is really cool. We’re just like touring a lot. We’re gonna release some new music this year but I can’t say anything else other than that.

JP: Just a lot of touring.

DP: …with big bands!


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