Leeds-based electronic/dream pop quartet Luna Pines are set to release their debut EP The House That We Lived In, which is available to stream and download on June 1.

Despite their very small (yet close-knit) following on social media, the group are slowly proving that they are a firm contender in the electronic scene. With a similar vibe to artists such as The XX and The Horrors, Luna Pines are truly a work of art.

The House That We Lived In is arguably not to everyone’s taste. However, the band are definitely showing their true, iconic sound on this EP.

‘Medics’ is the first track. The frequent use of dreamy electronic synths takes you into a totally different mindset. The lyrics guide you into a form of escapism that we can’t get enough of.

Next up is ‘Drip’. This song definitely has more of a post-rock sound, with the guitar riffs becoming more prevalent as the track goes on. The band has well and truly found their signature sound with this track, due to the use of quirky synths in the background of the chorus. Certainly one of our favourites!

Following this, ‘Spring’ is a track that takes you on a journey. The lyrics seem to speak of a failed relationship, in which the singer is eager to be taken back. The dreamy synths really help to create a certain mood.

Lastly, we are greeted with ‘The House We Lived In’. It is such a fantastic end to the EP, with the vulnerability of the singer becoming evident throughout.

Make sure to listen to this EP on June 1 – you will certainly not be disappointed!

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