We Came As Romans at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Following the release of their fifth studio album Cold Like War in October last year, We Came as Romans have been back at it with a headline UK tour bringing with them bands from across the globe — Alazka, Polaris and The Plot In You.

With the door times being at 7pm, the crowd began to fill the 450 capacity venue with the opening act ready to start within 20 minutes. There were many people in the audience wearing The Plot In You merchandise seeing as it was their first time on a UK tour, and they were eager to see the band perform. They certainly didn’t disappoint, with high reactions for popular hits such as ‘Feel Nothing’ and ‘Not Just Breathing’.

Following The Plot in You, the Australian melodic hardcore outfit Polaris hit the stage by making the crowd start with a mosh pit to their opening song ‘Lucid’, from their latest album The Mortal Coil. The energy in the room rose rapidly with the crowd getting into it, and this continued on for most of the set. The band was feeding off of It as they went through the setlist, with Polaris’ frontman Jamie Hails using up the entirety of the stage to keep the crowd’s mood on an overall high.

The penultimate band that evening was German band Alazka. This band had a big reputation under their former name Burning Down Alaska but changed to Alazka in March 2017. This was shortly followed by the debut album Phoenix which was largely used running through their setlist. The room was less energetic in comparison to with Polaris but frontman Tobias Rische did his best trying to keep the audience engaged. It wasn’t as successful but you could see the crowd definitely were still enjoying it during songs such as ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Everything’.

When it came to We Came As Romans, the venue was full and ready for the headline set. The band came and immediately launched in to ‘Vulture With Clipped Wings’, taken from their most recent record. The atmosphere that was radiating off the crowd, you could tell people have been waiting to hear songs from Cold Like War since the band hadn’t been back in the UK for some time.

The best moment had to be when they decided to play ‘Encoder’, which has a powerful drum and bass sounding beat that leads into a full swing, bringing the crowd back to life. They were as wild as they were during Polaris’ set, if not more energetic, with not a single soul in the room standing still within the crowd. We Came As Romans began their UK tour showing that they’re back and grateful for the strong support throughout. They ended their set with an older song, ‘Tracing Back Roots’ and the classic ‘Hope’, which the whole crowd sang along to. It’s safe to say if We Came As Romans were to come back to Nottingham it would be accepted with opened arms and may be seen within a bigger venue within the city.


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