On tour right now in support of her album Church of Scars, Bishop Briggs made her way to Sacramento for a sold-out show.

Kicking off the show was Matt Maeson, who put on an impressive performance by capturing the crowd’s attention with his strong vocals and powerful sound.

It wasn’t that long of a wait until it was time for Bishop Briggs to hit the stage. She opened her show with ‘White Flag’ and immediately the crowd was singing along as loud as they could. It really set the tone for the rest of the show.

After each song, the crowd cheered, and it only kept getting louder as the show went on. Even when she was talking in between songs it was hard to hear what was being said. It didn’t matter the vibe of the song that was being performed, the crowd was buzzing the whole time. Bishop Briggs has such a wonderful voice, and the tracks that stood out, in particular, were ‘Hi-Low (Hollow)’ and ‘River’.

With her energy level being at a ten the whole time and showing off her stunning vocals, Bishop Briggs put on a great show at Ace of Spades.

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