Currently in the midst of a handful of tour dates, Joyce Manor brought their high-energy show to Holy Diver in Sacramento.

The first band of the night was The Croissants. They did a great job of entertaining the crowd with their upbeat music. Next was awakebutstillinbed, who got everyone in the pit moving with their powerful performance.

It was then time for Joyce Manor. As soon as lead singer Barry Johnson introduced the band, the crowd started yelling and shoving to get as close as possible. From the beginning to end the crowd went full force with their energy, from keeping the pit moving the whole time to yell the words of the songs back to the band.

There was no denying the love that the fans were showing Joyce Manor. One of the highlights of the night was when Johnson got on top of the crowd during ‘Constant Headache’. The whole crowd shifted to where he was to support him. Then as soon as the band was starting to walk off stage the crowd started chanting, “one more song!” as they didn’t want the show to end.

All together it was another great night of music at Holy Diver where fans left the venue in high spirits.

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