Casey at Rock City Basement, Nottingham

Following the recent release of Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, Casey set out for their first headline tour over Europe and the UK.

This saw them sell out at multiple venues in various countries, including the Boston Music Rooms in London. Casey have been on an up since their debut release, 2016’s Love Is Not Enough, which has been pulling on the heartstrings of the nation. We were invited to check out not only Casey in their new era of Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, but we were introduced to Endless Heights and Rarity, both of which did not disappoint at the closing show of the highly anticipated tour.

The Canadian post-hardcore five-piece Rarity opened the show in Nottingham’s Rock City Basement. From high expectations of listening to the band prior to the show, it was clear the tour has been fulfilling for Rarity however tiring. Previously seeing recorded sets of Rarity, it was clear that the reception from the crowd has differed greatly from other shows along the tour. Although Rarity experienced technical difficulties throughout the show, there optimism and drive proved why they are still one of the upcoming bands not to miss.

Following Rarity’s opening performance, alternative Aussie five-piece Endless Heights took the audience by surprise. The fresh and unique sound the band produced had the interest of every individual in the crowd. Joel Martorana’s vocals felt direct and personalised throughout the set and looking across the faces of every person in the crowd it was clear to see Endless Heights had won the hearts of Casey’s fanbase. As the set was ending the spotlight directed to Martorana where he performed a heart-wrenching display of ‘Paralysed’ that caused a silence so magnificently the applause when it finished was room shaking. This was the ending of the set, yet the introduction that had the ever so patient crowd ready for the headlining band’s highly anticipated set.

Wales’ own Casey opened with what would be the intensive emotional forty-five minute set by playing ‘Making Weight’ from their latest album, which would leave the audience feeling overwhelmed with a flurry of emotions. The defining factor of Casey’s set was vocalist Tom Weavers raw emotion when delivering to the crowd, pouring his heart out continually throughout each song. It was clear the show was a heartful moment for not only the audience but Casey themselves. Mixed emotions flowed from every individual in the room as the crowd sang back at the band with everything they had. Highlights of the set included content from Where I Go When I Am Sleeping and Love Is Not Enough, both of which received an exceptional reception. One of their new songs ‘Fluorescents’ was immaculately welcomed in the live setting, while older songs such as ‘Hell’ and ‘Little Bird’ had the crowd singing along. The energy in the room was incredible.

It’s safe to say Casey finished their tour with a bang giving the fans a reason to stick around which, if they continue growing as they have been doing in the past year, they will be playing much bigger venues than just Basement and perhaps selling out the main hall in Rock City.


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