Bloodstock 2018: new acts added + ‘Drastic On Plastic’ campaign

Bloodstock has announced a further six bands for this year’s edition of the festival.

Power TripConjurerForgotten RemainsA Forest Of StarsAlien Weaponry and Bio-Cancer have all been added to the line-up, which already boasts headlines Judas PriestGojira and Nightwish.

The festival’s up-and-coming bands initiative, Metal 2 The Masses, comes to an end this month, with thirty-one regional grand finals that will decide who plays on Bloodstock’s Newblood Stage.

This year Bloodstock will be taking part in the ‘Drastic On Plastic’ campaign alongside 60 other independent festivals to try and rid festivals of non-recyclable plastics within the next 3 years.

Bloodstock explained their reasoning behind this move: “this year we’re opting in to the ‘Final Straw’ initiative, ridding the festival of plastic straws, meaning none of our bars or retailers are permitted to use these on site.  Moving forward we aim to stop the use of single-use plastics on site by 2021, this will include plastic bar cups and drink bottles.”

The festival takes place on August 9-12 at Catton Park, Derbyshire and tickets can be purchased from the festival’s website –

The line-up so far can be seen below:

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