The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time

Scottish rock band The Fratellis, known for their Top 10 success with songs like ‘Chelsea Dagger’ (and its memorable melody), have finally released their fifth album titled In Your Own Sweet Time.

A departure from the pop-ish nature of Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied and a long way from the overexcited Costello Music, this record showcases a more mature personality. Relying on their easily-recognizable vocals, the band manages to stray from their previous work to experiment with new sounds, all while remaining loyal to their established identity.

The opening track, titled ‘Stand Up Tragedy’, is also the track that most closely resembles the band’s original sound (‘Laughing Gas’ is a close second). It features a punchy mid-tempo guitar riff that carries most of the song and is also reflected in ‘I Guess I Suppose’, where the vocals trail after the chords. ‘Avaita Shuffle’ also embraces the boldness that the band has come to represent. ‘Sugartown’ and ‘Told You So’, in contrast, provide more relaxed instrumentals and more subtle vocals.

In ‘Starcrossed Lover’, the band alludes to their album artwork by making reference to infamous lovers (Romeo & Juliet as well as Adam & Eve). The song’s charming melody, narrative lyricism, and creatively sleek production make it a standout track. Although the album mostly embraces modern production, 70s/80s influences can also be heard. ‘I’ve Been Blind’ (reminiscent of The Police) and ‘The Next Time We Wed’ (which hints at soul) channel them most. The Fratellis also embrace foreign influences, most notably in ‘Indestructible’ and ‘I Am That’, the latter which showcases an almost cinematic Indian sitar outro that fades beautifully as it brings the album to a close.

Overall, the record’s most impressive features are its dynamic vocal harmonies, which introduce additional texture and personality to the tracks. Decked in raw energy and creative layering, In Your Own Sweet Time marks a turning point where the band is finally comfortable enough to stray from its roots. The Fratellis have come back bigger, better, and bolder; ready to please old fans and new admirers alike.


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