Coming right off a headline slot on the Key Club Stage back in May 2017 at Slam Dunk Festival, Tonight Alive announced they were off to set off onto the next album for the rest of the year.

Jump forward to near a year later, with the creation of Underworld and the departure of Whakaio Taahi, one of the guitarists in the band. While the band may have taken many blows these past few years with the critical evaluation of the prior album Limitless, they showed no sign of stopping or slowing on the so titled ‘Return to the UK Tour’.

The last headliner for the now four-piece band in London was at KOKO in Camden back in 2016, so this show was almost paying a homage to the previous tours. The atmosphere in the venue was electric building up to the first support act The Gospel Youth, a fitting band from the UK, who got the crowd’s energy pumping and ended the set with their most popular song ‘Moods Like English Weather’. Next up was ROAM, a six-piece band also from the UK. They had a big following within the crowd at KOKO, with many crowd-surfing to the set and the deafening sound of the fans screaming back to the lead singer throughout.

Tonight Alive came out and instantly the crowd felt at one with the band and the energy in the room was like fire. Opening with the brand-new song ‘Book of Love’ from Underworld allowed those familiar and new to the band to experience this new era first hand. The tremendous sixteen song setlist allowed for each member of the band to truly shine, whether that be Jenna McDougall’s vocals during every song or Jake Hardy’s guitar solos during certain songs such as ‘World Away’. Cameron Adler and Matt Best both also seemed to be comfortable and at home together throughout the set, with the chemistry of the four-piece being seen throughout. It was clear that the fans are why they are still going, with a last-minute decision of the song ‘For You’ in which two fans were engaged on stage to the surprise of the entire venue.

While the band may have had a lot to prove with this show, they have blown away any expectations one might have of them and their shows. It can only go up and up from here on out for this Australian band especially with the potential promise of returning to the UK later this year.

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