On March 9, New Politics brought their Lost In Translation Tour to Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California.

The Wrecks kicked off the night by getting the crowd moving with their high energy music. Next was Dreamers and the crowd responded very well to them, especially when lead singer Nick Wold jumped down to the barricade to dance with the crowd. Both bands did a great job of getting the crowd hyped up for New Politics.

After a short wait, New Politics finally hit the stage. The show started off with a bang when lead singer David Boyd immediately jumped down from the stage and got on top of the crowd. He had them supporting him as he made his way to the middle.

After a handful of songs, the venue’s alarm system went off, which left everyone, including the band, confused and caused the venue to evacuate. Eventually, the staff of the Ace of Spades staff got everyone back into the venue to continue on with the show. Boyd made a joke to lighten up the mood by saying how him not dedicating ‘Color Green’ to his daughter like he usually does, was probable cause for the alarm system going off. New Politics’ energy was so contagious that they had everyone dancing and jumping the night away.

As the band performed their last song, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’, a fan who was in a wheelchair got lifted up by the crowd. The moment was so incredible that the band waved down their photographer to capture it.

New Politics know how to put on a great show from start to finish. The band has such a great stage presence about them. Between him dancing all over the stage and getting down into the crowd, Boyd is one of the best frontmen of his time. Even with the minor hiccup of the venue’s alarm system going off, it was still a great night of live music.

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