On March 3 I went to see Movements for the first time.

The show was the first sold out date for the band’s first ever headliner. Standing in line I could feel the energy of how excited everyone was for the show. Finally, 6:30pm rolls around and as soon as doors opened it became a mad dash to get upstairs to be as close as possible to the stage.

The room was filled with incredible energy all throughout the opening acts. Super Whatevr caught the crowd’s attention with their vibrant tunes. Gleemer slowed things down with their smooth sound. Can’t Swim brought the energy back full force with their high powered set.

It was now time for Movements. As soon as the band hit the stage all I could hear were people screaming as loud as they could. The crowd kept the energy up from start to finish, you could tell by looking at the band they were in disbelief how crazy the crowd was going. During one of the songs, the crowd was jumping so hard that security had to tell the band to warn the audience that the floor was going collapse. When giving the warning lead singer Patrick Miranda told the crowd how awesome it was that they were going that hard for them in the pit.

There was no denying the power Movements and their fans brought to the Holy Diver that night. I’ve been to a lot of smaller club shows, and Movements show will definitely be one to stick out from the rest.

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