MGMT – Little Dark Age

Psychedelic indie heroes MGMT have come back with a bang. After their first album, the band released two poorly received LPs but it’s definitely safe to say that fun-filled Little Dark Age has won their fans back over.

Opener ‘She Works Out Too Much’ straight away shows off the bands quirky side, with energetic synth-pop grooves throughout, and some sounds from Tame Impala’s Lonerism thrown into the chorus. Drenched in jazzy chords and funky bass, it’s barely recognisable as MGMT.

The album’s single ‘Little Dark Age’ is a much darker track that starts with some gloomy synth and a dismal bassline. The track seems to split the difference between goth and 80s synth-pop. Then, the contrast in the lyrics (“go fuck yourself, you heard me right”) and the sweet Metronomy-like melody in ‘When You Die’ makes for an engaging track.

The album continues to transport you back to the 80s, drifting through tracks like ‘Me and Michael’ and ‘James’. They then pick up again with catchy ‘One Thing Left To Try’, a song on the album that is almost as catchy as their early releases. You can almost picture floods of fans singing this dreamy fence-swinging festival anthem.

The album lands with ‘Hand it Over’, a slow-moving psych-rock jam that shares a similar feel to Ariel Pink’s Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. It brings the album to a beautiful finish, and with cliff-hanger lyric, “if everyone’s confused, which door do we open?” at the end, we are looking forward to seeing what MGMT have in store for us next.


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