While British music fans often lament over the fact that the U.S. seems to get the best tours, you have to admit that our beloved Slam Dunk Festival makes up for it tenfold.

With the Vans Warped Tour (similar, but still not quite as brilliant) taking place for the final time this year, it truly seems that we’ve come out on top as Slam Dunk is set to put on its biggest edition to date— to the point where South will be moving from it’s original home at the University of Hertfordshire to a much larger site in Hatfield Park.

Naturally, we’re incredibly excited for this year’s Slam Dunk and will be counting down the days until May Bank Holiday Weekend. In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why Slam Dunk truly is fantastic and why we just can’t wait!

5. State Champs will be playing their first Slam Dunk Festival
Weird that they haven’t before, right? Well, scheduling just hasn’t played in their favour before now but 2018 will see State Champs make a no doubt spectacular debut at Slam Dunk Festival. With two albums under their belts, 2013’s The Finer Things and 2015’s Around the World and Back, they’re sure to have a brilliant set-list across the weekend for their devout fan base.

4. Jimmy Eat World and Good Charlotte will co-headline
A fave from the 1990s, Arizona pop-punk band Jimmy Eat World will draw one hell of a crowd on all three days of the festival. Last year the band released their ninth studio album, Integrity Blues, but it’ll be a blast from the past hits like ‘The Middle’, ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Bleed American’ that the audience will love having a boogie to. If there’s one band you definitely have to check out for a fantastic Slam Dunk experience, it’s these guys!

Joining them in a co-headline will be Maryland rockers Good Charlotte, who are a staple in the music library for anyone who grew up in the early ’00s. Expect to hear picks such as ‘Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous’, ‘The Anthem’ and ‘Girls & Boys’ as they rain down nostalgia over anyone lucky enough to attend!

3. Getting to see how the festival will expand for the 2018 crowd
Every year, naturally, Slam Dunk Festival gets bigger and better. They take what worked in the previous year, improve on it even more and assess what maybe needs to be changed or added further. As the South edition of the festival moving site so a much larger grounds as well, it’ll be exciting to see what surprises they have in store for music fans across the weekend.

2. There’s something for everyone
Whether you like pop rock or metalcore, Slam Dunk has got you covered. With eight stages to pick from, the festival offers a wide range of rock sub-genres and makes for the perfect day out no matter what your preference is. Good, clean, pop punk fun in the form of Real Friends? Check! Want to get down and dirty with Crown The Empire? You got it, dude!

1. It’s the kind of festival that you’ll be talking about for years to come
With all the exciting things that happen at Slam Dunk Festival every year, it’ll only be a tradition when the 2018 edition of the festival offers the very same unbeatable experience. Exclusive sets, signings, that legendary afterparty, while getting to hang out with your friends all day? …and not having to camp? What more could you really ask for?!

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