Well, the darkness has fallen across the land and the icy grip of coldness reaches out for you every time you step from the comfort and safety of your home – the end (of the year) is nigh and it is time for my top five metal albums of 2017.

5. Ne Obliviscaris – Urn
This Australian six-piece are a progressive extreme metal band with clean vocals as well as gutturals with a violin and a few other symphonic instruments thrown in. This is their third studio album, released on October 27 2017.

4. Paradise Lost – Medusa
UK doom metal legends Paradise Lost have returned to their older death/doom style for the last couple of albums and Medusa is the latest, released on September 1 2017.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see them this year but I will be heading to Colchester on February 18th 2018 to see one of my favourite bands…

3. Cradle of Filth – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay
Suffolk based extreme metal legends Cradle of Filth released their 12th studio album on September 22th 2017 to high acclaim from critics and fans alike. Taking their sound back to the early records, twin guitars playing hard and fast extreme metal with Dani Filth’s trademark screams and the band’s love of gothic horror themes. This is all you ever wanted from a Cradle album. They are expected to release a remixed and remastered version of arguably their best album Cruelty and the Beast next year, one to keep your eyes out for…

Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis

2. Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis
The Cavalera brothers once again team up and lay waste to the pretenders with their brutal 4th studio album released on November 17 2017. Taking no prisoners, the groovy, thrashy,  Cavalera style metal masterpiece provides you with a portal to the glory days of Cavalera music. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to get tickets to the Return to Roots tour at the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London on December 12th 2017 where they will play the legendary Sepultura album Roots in its entirety… if only I was free that night!

1. Eluveitie – Evocation II Pantheon
Now, this is a bit of a cheat but bear with me. Eluveitie are a folk metal band from Switzerland and have produced six heavy folk metal albums mixing folk instruments with traditional heavy metal instruments, female and male clean vocals and death growls. However, back in April 2009 they released a heavy acoustic masterpiece in Evocation I – The Arcane Dominion and it blew me away. I love extreme metal but I also love folk music when it’s played hard and fast with heart and that’s exactly what Evocation I was, based on Gaulish mythology and nature. Fast forward to August 2017 and Evocation II – Pantheon is unleashed on the world using the same sound and feel as the original. This album is by far my favourite of 2017 and what’s even better is the band are working on a new album which could be released in 2018…

So, there you have it. If you haven’t listened to the above records, give them a try. Even if it’s not your ‘style’ you may surprise yourself and find a new world open up with wondrous music and themes.

See you next year, ‘‘Horns Up!’’.

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