Lovebites at the Underworld, London

What’s better than an all-girl Japanese power metal band? Absolutely nothing, and that’s why Lovebites were not to be missed when they performed at the Underworld in Camden, London this week.

It was unsurprising to find the room packed wall-to-wall with men well into their 30’s and 40’s, if not because of Lovebites’ chosen genre then certainly because of their aesthetic. They entered on to the stage one-by-one, each wearing a different style of short, white dress which was paired with towering white or gold heels– no doubt the kind of thing that middle-aged men are a fan of without really trying.

Clientele aside, Lovebites are actually pretty fantastic. Their set up is flawless, as is their execution, so it was a treat to watch them play through a number of tracks from their debut album, Awakening From The Abyss. As the show was their first bona fide show outside of Japan, you would’ve thought they’d come across as nervous but not a trick was missed as the five-piece made the stage their own.

A particularly stand-out moment came when the band performed ‘Shadowmaker’. The fact it was released as a single was likely the reasoning behind why it saw such a huge reaction from the audience, who were more than happy to headbang and sing along where they could. The crowd was packed tightly into the small space that is the Underworld but they still managed to make it work, desperate to get up close to Lovebites who were putting on one hell of a show– a spellbinding performance, if ever there was one.

At one point, vocalist Asami announced that their record had debuted at #2 on the UK iTunes metal chart and was met with deafening cheers from the crowd. It’s often difficult for bands from the East to truly break the West, but if the way Lovebites were received at the Underworld was anything to go by then this is a band that the UK metal scene will happily get behind.

Photos by Alejandra Peter-Thomas.


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