Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained

The artwork on this record is very telling.

The theme behind the album is of ancient forgotten god(s), not to be confused with Satan, rising up and laying waste to what the world has become ‘in their absence’. Something familiar to those who know of H.P Lovecraft’s writings and in keeping with the band’s focus of ancient gods following the first couple of records. The new world is full of mysticism and darkness, death, disdain and chaos. The art is detailed and harks back to album covers you could look at for hours picking out the details. I love this sort of artwork.

This record was produced by Erik Rutan, who has also recently produced the new Cannibal Corpse record and previously played guitars and keyboard for Morbid Angel. Legendary death metal Guitarist Trey Azagthoth has introduced two new members of the band, guitarist Dan Vadim Von (previously of Vadimvon) and drummer Scott Fuller (previously of Annihilated) as well as Steve Tucker returning to the band for vocals and bass guitar, bringing the sound back to what fans expect to hear from Morbid Angel. This is the band’s ninth studio album, returning to a brutal and relentless onslaught of violent death metal sure to lead their followers into the new world awaiting…

Morbid Angel are the forefathers of U.S death metal and they have made a glorious return with the new album Kingdoms Disdained, due for release on Silver Lining Music on December 1st. Let’s have a look at some of the tracks;

Starting off with ‘Piles of Little Arms’, this is the first track previewed from the album and the first track from the album itself. Dirty vocals, guttural with some clarity. A very technical and brutal opening confirming this is classic Morbid Angel.

The next track to look at is ‘Garden of Disdain’. This is slower and more rhythmic; however, the blast beat is present and clear throughout. Lyrically confirming the worlds useless being and endless festering ready to be laid waste. My only gripe with this track is that it is probably too long for death metal; it becomes quite repetitive.

Next up is ‘The Righteous Voice’, full of rhythm and long open chords to start off with, it leads into a crushing blast beat and technical guitars. An awesome solo from Trey Azagthoth followed by a devastating changeup in sound to finish.

‘Declaring New Law’ is headbangers’ gold, bouncing rhythms, drums fast but not blasting and vocals keeping with the set pace makes this the best track for me. Not very technical but has a great solo.

Lastly ‘Architect and Iconoclast’ pummels the listener with heavy paced drums and a slaying guitar rhythm. This track would be a great live and is very pit worthy. ‘’I am all prophecies fulfilled, yet you refuse to see this’’, Tucker’s voice proclaims, invoking the destroyer, the ancient one breaking down the world as we know it with barbaric ferocity, laying waste to the old to bring about the new. You can’t escape its dark burning grasp, chaos awaits us all…


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