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Review: Decade, Black Foxxes and Deaf Havana at Rock City, Nottingham

Deaf Havana

From the moment they stepped on stage and got their instruments ready to play, I could see Decade meant business. The persona of confidence radiated from them, but not in way that could be portrayed as egotistical but more confident in themselves and the way they played.

Their whole set was a powerhouse of catchy songs that got the crowd moving and singing along. Lead singer Alex Sears never failed to get the crowd motivated and up off their feet. The whole set was aesthetically pleasing both musically and visually. From a musicians point of view, the lyrical content and context of their songs spoke to me on a relatable level. They really are true artists of their craft.

All of their songs in the set were perfection in their own way, but the one defining moment of the night was when they played one of the singles from their second album, Pleasantries. ‘Daisy May’, contextually speaking, was performed like a masterpiece. The crowd was in awe.

My only thing to complain about is the set time, as I wish it had been slightly longer. I know that’s self-indulgent, but I believe they truly started to open up and be confident the further into the set they got.

Next up were Black Foxxes. As a band I didn’t know that much about, I had a really fresh eye when watching them and I can’t say I was disappointed in the slightest. Their energy was flawless and I loved every moment of their set. I could sense the raw punk/grunge flow they were going for and they definitely nailed it to a tee.

The band’s whole outlook on the show was impeccable from their stage presence to the manner in which they performed. They made sure the crowd was up and moving for their high powered energetic songs and chill and calm for the slower songs. I hate to compare bands, but they reminded me so much of early days Nirvana, from their raw power to thrashing chords, filled with a relatable lyrical content to die for. Another, perfect band, in all forms musically and contextually.

Last but not least were headliners Deaf Havana.

They walked on with confidence. They grabbed their instruments. They looked into the crowd. Deaf Havana were here and we knew about it. They started their set soaring past the bar they have already set so high for themselves, which really made the crowd go insane. Starting off with ‘Fever’ then sliding into ‘Sing’, they were here to show what they are truly made of. Lead singer James Veck-Gilodi never fails to impress but musically tonight he was on point. What a beautiful man, right?

They played a plethora of fan favorites throughout the set but the one defining moment was when they played ‘Hunstanton Pier’. The crowd erupted and sang along to every word, even Veck-Gilodi himself said, “wow you guys know the words better than I do”! You could not hear him sing, all you could hear was the union of fans’ voices banding together to pay homage to a truly great band.

I could tell how grateful they all were as Veck-Gilodi noted, “this is the best crowd I’ve ever fucking played for. Honestly, you’re the best”. You could truly see how adoring the crowd was, happy to be witnessing them play.

Overall, it was an amazing night, filled with all the aspects of the artists art they portrayed on stage, through catchy lyrics and musical hooks. I would like to thanks the bands for putting on a great show all round.

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