INHEAVEN opened their set with the anarchist, rebel-without-a-cause anthem ‘Bitter Town’.

This song defines every 16-year-old, punk rock, world loathing adolescent who screams at the top of their lungs, “IT’S NOT A PHASE, MUM”. Obviously making it the perfect opener for this rebellious, loud and rampaging set. Followed by ‘Stupid Things’, my personal favourite, a particularly reminiscent track which could easily soundtrack any Brat Pack 80s film. Funnily enough, after doing more research I found that the music video for this song was a montage of almost every coming of age film, showing directly where the band draws influence from, which then translates into the nostalgia of defiant youth.

Gloom and melancholy are adopted to flaunt the band’s attitude, both the style of the persisting riffs and raging rhythm create the sound of a heated battle cry. INHEAVEN present the sound of a revolution, leading a protest in the eradication of repression; this notion is glaringly obvious in the epic ‘Vultures’ and political ‘World On Fire’, which seem more like power speeches due to the insertion of spoken word:

“Stupid is as stupid does
A man who lies you cannot trust
My body’s mine, you have no say
On any choice I make todayStupid is as stupid does
A man who lies you cannot trust
My body’s mine, you have no say
On any choice I make today.”

INHEAVEN are a band that exercises great artistic freedom, which even stretches into their music videos. There is just as much work put into these as the songwriting itself. The music videos are an extension of the message they are trying to get across while also encompassing their own individual stylistic choices into frames as well as verse. However, this band does not simply rely on the acting or props in their videography by any means, they invest just as much in their live performance, which as a result is just as effective and far more chaotic, complimenting the grunge undertones you may miss in the music videos alone.

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