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Track-by-Track: When Hope Fails – ‘When Hope Fails EP’


I’ve heard a lot good things about these guys so I was eager to review their EP and I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint.

First track ‘Flatline’ opens up with a catchy, crushing guitar riff that persisted to flesh out the instrumental and become a force to be reckoned with. It carries on through the verse, alongside brutal vocals which fit perfectly.

The chorus really caught my attention as it was a complete polar opposite to the screamed vocals, but the difference seemed to fit so seamlessly in place and give the song a solid body to stand on. When Hope Fails have mentioned their influences range from Ice Nine Kills to Parkway Drive and you can really see the effect it has on their music.

‘Flatline’ – 9/10

Next up is ‘Atlas’. From the first seconds of this song it’s obvious that this is the kind of song that would quite easily get a crowd motivated and for any first time listeners be the song that defines them. The very first guitar riff leads into a really catchy verse, that is reminiscent of older metalcore bands. I was captivated straight away.

You really hear the Parkway Drive influence in this from the blast beats to the breakdowns. I have to commend the vocalist for having really clean screams that are powerful and pack a real punch.

Yet again I was not disappointed by the clean vocals throughout the song and the way they make an impact to almost separate the song, within a clever structure.

‘Atlas’ – 9/10

Track three of the remastered self-titled EP is ‘Take A Hold’. This track starts off high energy and doesn’t serve to disappoint. I love the way the lead guitar comes through and then the rhythm guitar just drops in behind it and ties it all together. A consistent theme is the way they mix high and lows screams, it really puts the point of the lyrics across.

33 seconds into the song and I was fully invested in it already.  Again, I love the way the clean vocals play their part in the structure of the song— like the calm both after and before the storm of screamed vocals. It gives the song a relatable feel. This song crushes and is my personal favourite.

‘Take A Hold’ – 10/10

‘Wake’, from the get-go, is definitely my sort of jam. It’s melodic, I can throw down in a pit to it, but also belt out those angelic clean vocals. It definitely seems like it would be a crowd favorite.

The piano is almost symphonic in ways. I’m usually very skeptical about having pianos in songs as I feel the beauty of it gets lost, but that is not the case here. It’s been mixed and mastered superbly so you can feel and hear every emotion that When Hope Fails are trying to convey.Overall, it’s a solid song. It may be short and sweet, but it’s not rushed in any sense so it paints the picture well.

Overall, it’s a solid song. It may be short and sweet, but it’s not rushed in any sense so it paints the picture well.

‘Wake’ – 10/10

The grand finale is an acoustic version of ‘Take A Hold’. I fully appreciate the beauty of this song, since it is my favorite on the record. The lyrical content speaks volumes and goes hand in hand with the soft acoustics and background strings. I can feel the emotions in the lyrics and they make such an impact that they become relatable and you can feel the vocalist’s pain.  As much as I liked the full band version, this rendition struck a chord within me (pardon the pun) and showed me that you can take something heavy, completely strip it down to bare bones and it still hits the same.

This was a pleasant way to end the EP. The band have certainly gained a new fan in me.

‘Take A Hold’ (Acoustic) – 10/10

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