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Review: The Amazons at The Leadmill, Sheffield

(photo:Dan Harris)

The Amazons have been taking the world by storm since their self-titled debut album release in May 2017. They’ve been playing the most critically acclaimed festivals throughout the summer, while also maintaining a permanent fixture on the BBC Radio 1 daytime playlist. If this isn’t enough credibility as to why this band is the most exciting thing in rock at the moment, their sell-out headline tour definitely is.

I’ve personally seen this band at different points in their career, and seeing them three times before has allowed me to pinpoint their progression to success; witness how they’ve adapted and concentrated their skill into pushing all other indie rock bands off the top spot.

Their headline show at The Leadmill was not only sold out but oversold due to it being so sought after. The capacity was most definitely maxed in the packed out room, with the thick crowd overflowing and reaching as far as the doors.

Opening their set with ‘Ultraviolet’, they got the crowd hyped and ready for what to expect. The hits ‘Little Something’, ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Junk Food Forever’ saw crowd surfing and the loudest sing-backs. But it was the formation of ‘Black Magic’ which showcased their uniqueness, playing up to the audience response while offering something fresh. The first part of the song was performed merging into ‘Millions (The Party)’ and then outro’d back into the end bridge of ‘Black Magic’. This being the perfect place for ‘Millions (The Party)’, an old classic to celebrate the original fans, while also welcoming the new with their more recent hit ‘Black Magic’, and unifying them as one.

Heartwarmingly, the band paid tribute to Tom Petty’s death with a raw acoustic  ‘Free Fallin’ cover paired with an emotional tribute dedicated to all the pioneers of music which have passed in the last couple of years.

The Amazons are only set for even bigger achievements, that’s why I urge you to see them while they’re still playing intimate venues. The feeling I get from watching them is presumably similar to someone watching a young Queens of the Stone Age prior to their shot to stardom, you just get the sense that you’re watching history in the making.

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