Working their way up the pecking order from a support act band to the headline spot, there’s no stopping Anteros from becoming your new favourite band.

Still incorporating the grit and authenticity of the underground scene, it makes the audience feel they’ve found a diamond in the rough with this exciting four piece.

Head and shoulders above the generic manufactured sound they’re competing up against within the genre. The best way to sum up Anteros is the way they describe themselves, “bitter dream pop”. It’s not your conventional pop sound, there’s an attitude and something quite frankly surreal within its melodic hooks.

As a live band, they really show just how much they’ve learned and picked up from touring with some of the best bands this genre has to offer. Heavily influenced by the legends in their stage presence, especially Laura Hayden (vocalist) who mirrors a hybrid mix of Stevie Nicks, Blondie and Siouxsie Sioux in her performance.

Showcasing their EP’s to its fullest potential in a live setting. The strong opening of ‘Cherry Drop’ got the crowd hyped up for the rest of the set while also setting the tone of high energy and intensity.  Songs like ‘On the Moon’, ‘Drunk’ and ‘Ring Ring’ maintain the stamina throughout while also building to the climaxing new single ‘Bonnie’; ricocheting through the crowd and translating as the perfect live song. The set ended with ‘Anteros’ which seemed to re-emphasize to the crowd that they are not to be dismissed, you won’t be forgetting their name anytime soon.

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