If you think about it, The 1975 have always had every intention of going back to their roots.

They spent a long time scraping the barrel before they were taken seriously, putting out a wide range of music under several different names— most notably, Drive Like I Do. Some of those songs survived the transition into The 1975, holding proud places on the band’s debut album, but it’s not hard to find a plethora of old tracks on YouTube. They obviously don’t have the sound quality that their more fortunate friends do, but their beautifully written lyrics and brilliant composition meant that they were always capable of making a comeback.

Healy and co. have been putting the idea into their fans’ minds for some time, even if the latter weren’t aware of it. Several pieces of merchandise with the Drive Like I Do logo made an appearance in 2016, including a £250 hand-painted leather jacket. There was no way that the band was going to put that much thought behind something that was just a small part of their history.

Fans often split The 1975’s two albums in to “eras”. The 1975 was the “black & white era”, while I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It is the “pink era”, and the one they are currently in. The band has already announced that they will release their third album, Music For Cars, in early 2018 and upon its confirmation, Healy started throwing around some very words that were considered quite harrowing to diehard fans. He claimed that they had always intended a trilogy of albums, and while it wasn’t necessarily the end of The 1975, it was certainly the end of the era. With the cryptic tweets Healy put out, it has all become clear— the albums were not eras. The band itself is an era, and Drive Like I Do, a separate entity to The 1975, is expected to be the next.

“Drive Like I Do will release their debut album during springtime in the coming few years,” tweeted Healy, which confirms that the four band members are not quite done yet as a collective. There’s a lot of questions to be answered, and fans are already asking, but it’s already apparent that the band are not quite ready to spill the beans yet. Are they going to revive the punk sound that was present across some of their most iconic Drive Like I Do songs? Will they go back to playing intimate venues? What will become of their early songs (e.g. ‘Sex’) that made it into The 1975’s records?

The fact of that matter is, The 1975 have always had a mysterious way about them and their fans are no strangers to having small pieces of information dangled in front of them then having to wait months to find out what’s going on. This is going to be no exception.

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