It’s no secret that sometimes, a person’s reckless ambition gets the better of them.

Half-hearted member of pop rock band The Summer Set, Brian Dales has decided to go at it alone because clearly, his relatively successful venture of almost ten years just isn’t hitting the spot anymore. Enter his solo project, DALES. Narcissistic much?

Lead singers going solo is nothing new, but for the most part it’s for good reason— for example, there are creative differences between the member in question and the rest of the band. Dales left everyone baffled, however, when he released his first track on Saturday night entitled ‘Young For The Summer’. See, the problem is, it comes across as a diet, half-assed version of every song The Summer Set has ever put out… so what was the point in letting the band go up in flames?

The reception of the new track has been very split, with some fans going along with it in order to appease a man who wants nothing more than their money lining his pockets, while others feel alienated as if it’s their parents’ divorce. On one side, the determined Mr Dales who has bitten that hand that feeds him… on the other, the four other members of The Summer Set who are no doubt feeling a little frustrated.

‘Young For The Summer’ is lyrically a mess, describing adventures more fitting for a teenager than a 27-year-old man. The Summer Set’s discography has similar themes, sure, but there’s a lot more substance to those tracks thanks to Stephen and John Gomez’ ability to actually write a decent song.

As a whole, the track falls flat, there’s no denying that. It’s Dales’ attempt at proving his worth but instead, it does the complete opposite by exhibiting the fact that he’s not nearly good enough without the support system of The Summer Set. It comes across as tentative as if he’s trying not to step on toes, but it’s far too late for any consideration to anyone else. There’s no coming back from a move as bold as this, so here’s hoping Dales knows exactly what he’s doing while he continues to sever ties with the people who made him who is he today.

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